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  1) 人的寂寞,有时候很难用语言表达。

  People's loneliness, sometimes it is difficult to use language to express.

  2) 我写的只是我现有的心情,我希望我爱的哪个他会明白。

  I am writing is my current mood, I hope I love which he will understand.

  3) 为别人鼓掌的人也是在给自己的生命加油。

  Applause for others is also to give their lives.

  4) 明天越来越少,昨天越来越多。

  Tomorrow is less and less, more and more yesterday.

  5) KTV不要包夜,对生理时钟是挑战,别毁了自己的好习惯。

  KTV don't pack the night, on the circadian clock is a challenge, don't ruin their good habits.

  6) 我只好强制自己忘记你,当你已经和我没有关系。

  I have to force myself to forget you, when you have no relationship with me.

  7) 每天我这样数着日子,直到我们再次相见。

  Every day I count the days until we meet again.

  8) 谁把谁的明媚尽收眼底、谁把谁的难过感同身受。

  Who put the beautiful panoramic view, who feel sad.

  9) 把眼泪留给最疼你的人。把微笑留给伤你最深的人。

  Leave the tears to the people who hurt you the most. Leave a smile to the person who hurt you.

  10) 有些路,只能一个人走,路上的艰辛,只有自己知道。

  Some road, only a person to go, the hardships of the road, only to know.

  1) 过了做梦的年纪,便不再做梦了。可是爱情,是一辈子的事。

  After a dream age, then no longer have a dream. But love, is a lifetime thing.

  2) 对于不可改变的事实,除了认命以外,没有更好的办法了。

  For truth that will never change, in a银川癫痫好医院ddition to you, there is no better way.

  3) 回忆。总是那么甜蜜、却又那么的痛得让人无法呼吸。

  memory。 Always so sweet, but so painful so that people can not breathe.

  4) 再好的过去,回忆的次数多了味道也就淡了。

  Even the happiest memory cannot afford being recalled for too many times.。

  5) 天再高又怎样,踮起脚尖就更接近阳光。

  No matter how high the sky is, standing on tiptoe is closer to the sun.

  6) 当初的硕士学位,就像脚底的一粒米,不拿不舒服,拿了又不能吃。

  At the beginning of the master's degree, just like a grain of rice on the soles of the feet, do not get uncomfortable, take and can not eat.

  7) 茫茫人海,只有敢于和魔影抗争的人,生活才有滋有味。

  The vast sea of humanity, and people only dare to struggle in the dark, life flavor.

  8) 孤独是空气,你呼吸着它而感觉到自己存在。

  Loneliness is like the air. The breath of it makes you feel alive.。

  9) 穷则思变,差则思勤!没有比人更高的山没有比脚更长的路。

  Qiongzesibian, difference is thought of qin! There is no longer than the people of the mountain no longer than the foot of the road.

  10) 人总是会老的,希望到时你仍在我身边。

  People will always be the old, I hope that you are still by my side.

  1) 勉强笑着,只有自己才知道自己有多累。

  Barely smiled, only to know how tired they are.

  2) 独自痴痴望着你的头像,却没有勇气说一句问候。

  Alone watching your avatar, has no courage to say a word of greeting.

  3) 满天星花圃里,紫色的小花瓣星星点点,掩映在绿叶之中。

  The stars in the garden, small purple petals tin大庆癫痫病医院y spots, nestled in the green leaves.

  4) 待人对事不要太计较,如果太计较就会有悔恨!

  Do not treat people too much, if too much care will have regrets!

  5) 学者有自立之志,当拔出流俗,不可泛泛与世浮沉。

  Scholars have independent will, when pulling out the vulgar, not generally follow the trend.

  6) 天下最让我生气的事,是拿着别人的眼光说自己的祖祖辈辈都活错了。

  There's something that upsets me, holding someone else's eyes said his ancestors are wrong.

  7) 岂能尽人如意,但求无愧于心!

  How can make people well, but worthy!

  8) 生时何需久睡,死后自会长眠。

  When and where students take a long sleep, will die after death.

  9) 烟对肺不好,咖啡对胃不好,爱情对心脏不好。

  Smoke is not good for the lungs, coffee on the stomach is not good, love for the heart is not good.

  10) 举杯独醉,饮罢飞雪,茫然又一年岁。

  Drink drunk, drink snow, and at age.

  11) 没有一种不通过蔑视、忍受和奋斗就可以征服的命运。

  No one can conquer fate without contempt, suffering and struggle.

  12) 勿谓寸阴短,既过难再获。勿谓一丝微,既绍难再白。

  Do not say that Cunyin is short, too hard won. Do not say that a little bit, not only to the white shao.

  13) 所谓幸福,华丽空虚。眼底浮花,只是刹那。

  The so-called happiness, gorgeous emptiness. Fundus floating flowers, just for a moment.

  14) 祥子成了挨骂的藤牌,两头挨着。

  Xiangzi became the butt of vituperation, next to the two.

  15) 探索的旅程不在于发现新大陆,而在于培养新视角。

  The voyage of discovery lies not in the 铜仁癫痫病要治疗多久discovery of the new world, but in the development of a new perspective.

  16) 只有不断找寻机会的人才会及时把握机会。

  Only people who are constantly looking for opportunities will grasp the opportunity in time.

  17) 沧桑碍道之愤怒、苍凉暧昧之绝望。冥冥皆定。

  Because of anger, despair vicissitudes of ambiguous desolation. There are fixed.

  18) 牵起你的手微笑,让全世界都知道,你是我一生中最大的骄傲。

  Hold your hand and smile, let the whole world know that you are the greatest pride in my life.

  19) 一个人时,学会独处;两个人时,学会相处。

  One person, learn to be alone; two people, learn to get along.

  20) 愁未满,心已乱;欲醉不成怨酒淡。

  Sorrow is not full, the heart has chaos; to be drunk not to blame wine pale.

  21) 记忆如此的空白,感情如此的虚幻。

  Memory so blank, feeling so unreal.

  22) 得到一样东西,就意味着另一样东西必定要失去。

  Getting the same thing, it means something else is going to be lost.

  23) 既然爱,为什么不说出口,有些东西失去了,就在也回不来了!

  Since love, why not say that the export, some things lost, you can not come back!

  24) 亲爱的、我不会允许你背叛我,我也不允许自己背叛你。

  Dear, I will not allow you to betray me, I do not allow myself to betray you.

  25) 人为善,福虽未至,祸已远离。人为恶,祸虽未至,福已远离。

  Good, although not to the blessing, have been away from disaster. Human evil, evil is not far away, fu.

  26) 拥有梦想只是一种智力,实现梦想才是一种能力。

  Having a dream is only a kind of intelligence, it is a kind of 北京哪个医院治羊癫ability to realize the dream.

  27) 成长是缓缓流淌的溪流。悄然地,我们就长大了。

  Growth is a slow flowing stream. Quietly, we have grown up.

  28) 欲进步需思退步,若着手先虑放手。

  Want to progress need to think back, if you begin to consider letting go.

  29) 梅花落,余香留,涂添伤感别离意。拾残花,葬木旁,秋尽冬来此花开。

  Blossomfall, fragrance left Tim James sad parting. Pick flowers, wood was buried beside the flowers in early winter.

  30) 生活常常出人意料,如果你不逼逼自己,根本不知道自己有多棒。

  Life is often unexpected, if you don't force yourself, you don't know how good you are.